Welcome! Welcome! Welcome to Carroll Gardens Piano, the piano studio of Adrian Cohen. Carroll Gardens Piano Lessons offers individually tailored music lessons in a positive, fun environment to people of all ages. Adrian specializes in creating a strong foundation for beginning and intermediate musicians of all ages; and in helping artists of all skill levels define and achieve their creative goals.

Anyone Can Learn Anyone Can Learn I teach people of all ages, usually starting around 5 years old for young children. Kids are all different, and I try to adapt to their individuality while helping them learn to focus in a way that is fun for them (and me!). As a matter of fact, that's pretty much how I work with everyone. I take adult students of all ages and skill levels, students who are visually, cognitively, or physically impaired, and I also have experience working with autistic and developmentally disabled students. If you or your child are committed to learning, I'll do my very best to help you achieve your goals.

What Do You Want To Learn? What Do You Want To Learn? As an instrumentalist, Adrian specializes in teaching beginning-intermediate classical, and beginning to advanced jazz, rock, blues, and pop piano styles, but he is open to working with students in any style of music.
Adrian also takes students for most music related subject matter, including music theory using music YOU know, songwriting and digital music production, music business 101 for freelancers, and much more.

Piano Technique & Fingering Theory Piano Technique & Fingering Theory In order to play piano well in any style it is important to learn to finger passages and chord shapes correctly, but hands come in many shapes and sizes. In our piano lessons we will work extensively on learning how to make solid fingering choices that will create the smoothest sound for YOUR hands...

Beginning-Advanced Pop & Jazz Piano Beginning-Advanced Pop & Jazz Piano Explore the elements of popular keyboard styles of the 20th century, including ragtime, jazz, blues, country, funk, rock, pop, R&B, and more...

Beginning - Intermediate Classical Piano Beginning - Intermediate Classical Piano I work with music written for beginners by composers such as Bach, Beethoven, Grieg, and Chopin; and master teachers such as Bartok, Czerny, Burgmuller, and Hanon. Beginning students start out with basic exercises designed to develop finger strength and coordination; and to teach the language of music through notation. With regular practice, usually at least 30 minutes a few days each week, most students can play a short piece after a month or two of lessons.

More Than Just Piano Lessons More Than Just Piano Lessons Adrian doesn't just offer piano lessons. His goal is to provide a well rounded musical education no matter what the subject, including instruction in music production, rhythm studies, music theory, improvisation, reading skills, using 'fake' books, arranging, and much more. Click the pic for more info.

Understanding Music Notation (Pitch & Rhythm Systems; Musical Form) Understanding Music Notation (Pitch & Rhythm Systems; Musical Form) If you already know how to play an instrument but never learned to read, don't put if off any longer! Even elementary reading skills will go a long way towards opening up the world of music to you.

Improvisation & Music Theory For All Instruments Improvisation & Music Theory For All Instruments Whether you're a guitarist, horn player, drummer, DJ, etc... I work with non-pianists on everything from rhythm studies to improvisation. check out the 'what i teach' section on the piano lesson page to find out more...

Do You Own a Piano or Keyboard? Do You Own a Piano or Keyboard? If you don't, or if you do but it's a dusty old keyboard or a broken down piano, maybe it's time to consider a new instrument? Whether you are looking for an inexpensive beginning keyboard, a mid level digital piano, or you want to invest in a real acoustic upright or grand piano, there are options for every budget. I will help you research and choose the correct instrument that will fit your musical needs, your space, and your budget.
Easy Online Scheduling & Payments Easy Online Scheduling & Payments You can schedule your lessons right here using the online booking module. Once your lesson is confirmed, you'll receive a confirmation email plus appointment reminders via text/email 48 hours before your appointment. Secure your booking with an online payment (credit/debit/paypal), or contact us to make arrangements to pay at the studio using cash, check, or credit card.

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Feeling like you want to do something different for yourself or your child? Try my one on one Songwriting & Recording workshop I'll be offering to any interested students this summer!

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About Carroll Gardens Piano Lessons

Carroll Gardens Piano Lessons is the private lesson studio of pianist/keyboardist Adrian Cohen.

I specialize in working creatively with people towards achieving musical literacy & instrumental proficiency, and towards unlocking their own unique style of artistic expression. By focusing on core music fundamentals within the context of music that the student enjoys, I try to help establish a positive, stress free relationship with music and learning. My main goal is to try to help students develop the skills and enthusiasm necessary to confidently pursue their musical interests for the rest of their life.

I take students starting at 5 years old, but very much enjoy working with students of all ages. I have 20+ years of experience teaching, and am enthusiastic about helping any person or family achieve their musical goals.

Conveniently located in Brooklyn's beautiful Carroll Gardens neighborhood (5 blocks southwest of the Carroll St. F train), my studio is equipped with a Kawai EP3 digital piano, lots of sheet music and recordings in many different styles for lesson material, a simple but great little recording setup for audio and MIDI, and very good coffee!

Thanks for visiting the site. Have a look around and please contact me via email to let me know if you think I could be of service!

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